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RTÉ News Now app for iPhone and iPad

4.8 ( 7408 ratings )
Developer: RTÉ
Current version: 5.1.21, last update: 6 months ago
First release : 27 Jan 2011
App size: 44.57 Mb

Stay up-to-date on all the latest Irish national and international news with the RTÉ News Now app for iPhone and iPad

This free app offers all the latest headlines, breaking news, live news bulletins, latest sport results, entertainment updates, audio, video, weather & more.

- Latest national and international news and analysis from RTÉ
- Breaking news push notifications
- Audio & video clips
- Watch RTÉ New Now channel live
- Personalise your news feed with more than 25 content categories to choose from
- Read offline
- Save stories to read later
- Synchronise your news feed across multiple devices

Pros and cons of RTÉ News Now app for iPhone and iPad

RTÉ News Now app good for

Good job RTÉ. The app is simple and quick to load, making it rather user friendly.
very very nice, with a great live streaming function. Definitely a must have app for english as foreign language speakers like me Who want to keep their language skills up to the task
Hello I really do enjoy the " rte news " app but come on if you can do " rte player " on pc you can surely do it also as an app. I am Irish-American and believe me tv over here is terrible at least rte puts on mostly high quality programming. Please for all ex Irish pats or even Irish worldwide please do an rte player app soon thanks much Michael c. Sparkman Oklahoma USA
If you look up to the top right of your screen you can watch the news 24 hrs a day you eejits. I want them to remove the ad down the bottom so I dont open it accidentally when scrolling down.
Love this app, great for keeping up to date on all types of Irish news when Im away. One flaw, on the entertainment news section it always appears to be missing extra pictures and links in some articles , for example in competitions etc. Not a huge deal but annoying when they are talking about a picture you cant see. Other than that its the first app I open up in the morn when I wake up along with my emails and facebook
This is a good okay world news app. When breaking news is happening you are notified as soon as the news is happening... And its a good European news app overall. It could be better like BBC or FNC . I would giving this news app a 5 star but needs more news alerts and updates that the other news apps are doing

Some bad moments

The news articles are good. However, the benefit of this application above other Irish news apps, should be the ability to watch the RTE news by video stream. When Ive watched it the pictures have lasted a maximum of 1 minute, then they disappear and youre left with audio only. As an expat living in Boston, disappointing.
An update is meant to improve things - OMG talk about completely screwing up an app. Ads everywhere. Ads b4 the live feed that wont load properly so when its frozen and you click to close its interactive and jumps to the web page so u get to see more ads. Deleting and resyncing with the old one still on the computer. Thank god I dont use cloud--Otherwise there would be no going back.
I have been a DAILY user of this app for a couple of years, in fact I PAID for this app but when it stopped working (i.e No Updates) I deleted it and loaded the "free" version. The free version crashes often and is full of Ads. I am now looking elsewhere for news content.
Was ok but now too many ads ruined it. Cop on ! Get smart about it and find a better way.
I love the RTE Radio aps and RTE Player aps. I could not get through a week without them as an Irish expat. What has happened to the RTE NEWS NOW aps? The last version was damaged by the advert banners and this forced update is ruined by embedding "Entertainment News" in the main news page. How hard do we have to work to get to the serious news content, i.e. segregated into Irish, World, Political news? Reviewers on the itunes-Ireland website, also rated the aps poorly for similar reasons. I give 1-star rating to this version, for eroding the ease of access to serious NEWS content.
The main navigation is way worse than the previous version. Way too much work to access different sections. The existence of entertainment news in the home page view even after I removed it from the sections is really really poor.